TATA Returns to Brunei Market

Information and photos courtesy of Media Permata: 

Worldwide Motors Sdn Bhd has put a new history by launching four new models of TATA today. 

With this launch, TATA will definitely return to Brunei Darussalam's market to produce the latest models in the latest technology. 

The launch will invite the High Commissioner of India to Brunei Darussalam, Dr. Ashok Kumar Amrohi to officiate the TATA launch which will be held in the Worldwide Sdn Bhd Showroom, Beribi. 

According to the Managing Director of Goh Hock Kee Motors Sdn Bhd, Pehin Kapitan Lela Dato Paduka Goh King Chin during an interview, TATA Motors Limited is India's largest automobile company, besides that TATA has launched its Jaguar brand vehicles and Land Rover brands since 2008.

"The company has a high reputation and with strong revenues of USD 34.7 billion in the year 2012 to 2013. TATA is also the head of commercial vehicles in each segment between the products varieties from compact, midsize car and utility type," he said. 

With official appointment under the Worldwide Motors Company, Goh Hock Kee Motors as the official distributor of TATA on 26th September 2013, the Company will bring four new models of Manza, Aria, Indica and Vista.

According to Director of Worldwide Motors Sdn Bhd, Wafi Akramin Mohammad, the Brunei Automobile Traders Association (BATA) statistics showed that small passenger car segment and compact cars with 2000cc and below is very popular in Brunei since the previous year. 

"I am confident that with cheap price and high quality will bring customers to buy TATA cars, this is the car that became the focus of the public and TATA in Brunei Darussalam will be better marketed cars," he added. 

TATA is known for two old models which are the 'TATA Estate', which was introduced in 1992 and 'TATA Sumo' in 1994. Since the brand is no longer marketed, it becomes a question of its disappearance just like that. But now that the brand is back, TATA is taken over by Worldwide Motors Sendirian Berhad promising a better release and according to the current vehicle trends in Brunei Darussalam.