GTUE Report Confirms Peugeot 508 is of High Quality

PEUGEOT 508 is the best middle class vehicle in 2014 GTÜ Report. Defect rate is only 2.72 percent ahead of established competitors like Skoda Superb & Mercedes C Class.

GTUE is the company in-charge for technical inspection and supervision with at least four million general inspections in a year. It is also the third largest testing and expert organization in Germany.

According to its report during the Automechanikatrade fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Peugeot 508 is ranked at number 1 spot for the middle class vehicles with a defect rate of only 2.72 percent and thus overtook established competitors such as Skoda Superb and Mercedes C-Class.

The PEUGEOT 508 is the best vehicle in the middle class according to the current GTUE report when it comes to low defects and minimum deficiencies.

The defect rate is the sum of the deficiencies found in the evaluated unit per 100 cars in the respective category and group. The results can be found in detail in the “GebrauchtwagenRatgeber 2015" or “Used Car Report 2015“ from the AutoZeitung Magazine.

In 2011, PEUGEOT 508 is leading its way with a strategy of positioning itself on a higher standard of branding. With its timeless and elegant appearance it has presented a new language on design.

T.C.Y. Motors, which is the sole distributor of Peugeot vehicles, believes that its brand has big potential in the Brunei market. European research and awards such as this were much appreciated and followed up by the locals and as well as the expatriates.

To be competitive, T.C.Y. Motors has modified its pricing on all its models including the 508 to cater to a smart and growing market.

You can drop by or visit Peugeot showroom in Kiarong or call 242 6969. Experience what Peugeot can offer.