A Successful Blood Donation at Lexus Brunei

Kenneth Lim presenting a token of appreciation to corporate donors, NIE Fashions Sdn Bhd for supporting each and every Rotary-RIPAS blood donation campaign at Lexus over the years.
For the 16th time, Rotary Club of Bandar Seri Begawan and The Mobile Blood Bank, RIPAS Hospital held a very successful blood donation campaign at the Lexus Showroom, Gadong recetly. A total of 111 donations (111 pints) were collected, making a cumulative record of an incredible 1,355 donations collected over the years.

According to the Rotary President, Kenneth Lim, the club is very pleased with the tremendous support from the public.

“Once again, thank you all for giving the most valuable gift of all, the ‘Gift of Life’. Thank you for making a big, big difference in our community.”
Rotary President Kenneth Lim giving further motivation to Awg Yahya Hj Ahmad (56 years old) has donated 62 times to date. Donors signing on Rotary’s ‘I Support Blood Donation’ banner to designate their strong support

According to the Blood Donation Supervisor from the Blood Donation Centre, RIPAS Hospital, Haji Matusop Hj Daud, “We are very happy to collect a fantastic 111 pints of blood today. This is actually one of the largest collections. But, even so, this will only be enough for two days, because RIPAS Hospital and all the other hospitals in Brunei require 50 pints a day!" he said.

"Actually, as I have said many times before, we need a lot more people to donate, especially those in the young and healthy 18 years and above age group, who are ready, willing and able to donate. Everyone can make a difference. There is no need to fear of blood donation. It is actually quite painless. Just look at all the happy donors in these pictures. These are some of the heroes and heroines who have been quietly saving lives in our country,” he added.

Some of the blood donators at the event
"Apart from the medical benefits (reduced cancer & heart disease risks, among other things) to the donor, each donation is actually a free blood test. Because we test every donation, we will immediately inform the donor confidentially, if we find any medical irregularities. This is why regular blood donation (3 times a year) is actually a very good continuous year-round health check, that more people should take advantage of,” added Haji Matusop when asked to highlight the important benefits of blood donation.

A 54 years old top donor, Hj Md Arif Hj Asri (centre), attributed his excellent physical well-being in large part to regularly donating blood since 1991 with a total of 73 times to date.  He was presented with a hamper of appreciation in celebration of Rotary Day.