Geely LC 1.3 Test Drive (Geely Panda)

After introducing Geely MK 1.5 to the market in Brunei Darussalam, this time Worldwide Motors Sdn Bhd as the sole distributor of Geely brand introduced another model like a Mini for the use of a trip in the City which has a cute and charming shape.

Geely LC also known as Geely Panda is the addition of a second successful model and the model is now being introduced to the author as a hatchback car that can be used for city trips and transport, especially useful for College and University students who has problems with parking space.

The author did an inspection of the car during a test drive opportunity that was given to the author, viewed from afar in terms of design, the car demonstrated a very pretty design and it is just like a Panda with its curvy shape.

The significant appearance of black lines around the headlights, grille and bumper composition is according to the Panda appearance. In addition, the back brake light displays the footprints of a Panda with a small light structure which displays the paws of the Panda.

Geely Panda 1.3 is only available in manual transmission to provide convenience to their owners besides saving fuel. Internally, the Geely Panda is presented with a beautiful and comfortable interior views, furthermore, this car has ample space for the driver and front passenger.

The test drive started from the Worldwide Motors Sdn Bhd Showroom heading to Jerudong. This car demonstrated that the car is easy to control, especially in terms of controlling the steering and smooth shifting. The trip took about one hour, entertained with equipments such as Radio and CD player with four corner speakers, and of course air conditioners and digital oil indications.

Conversion from first gear to the next gear is not a problem, it is very easy to manage, and first gear acceleration is so smooth though the car has a manual transmission 1.3 liter L4 engine load, DOHC, 16V engine type Timing Belt.

The road trip through Katok was a hilly path but LC 1.3 is still able to provide sufficient power to run perfectly, because of its lightweight body that became one important role in the Geely brand models. What proves this is a very comfortable car is the suspension system which is loaded with Macpherson
brand which makes the car vibrates in an uncertain journey but still gives you the utmost comfort and drivability on your way through uneven roads.

But the important question is whether the Geely LC 1.3 is safe to drive? The answer is YES! Because the car is equipped with ABS + EBD safety system, rear door child safety system, anti-burglar system and dual air bag also makes Geely Panda to have been awarded five stars in safety inspection test by the China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP). In fact, this car is referred to as 'the safest minicar in China'.

According to the information provided by Worldwide Motors Sdn Bhd, the four-cylinder car has the power to reach 64kw/6000rpm which is able to achieve more than 80 horsepower.

If you want to have a cute car, mini, simple and affordable, Geely LC 1.3 is a suitable car. For further information, the public can visit the Worldwide Motors Sdn Bhd Showroom, which is located in Beribi, Gadong or call 2453681, 2427052, 2428293 to book for a test drive session.