Lexus RC Launch and Media Test Drive

The RC 350 and the special edition RCF are two of the latest Lexus RC concept coupes unveiled by the sole distributor of Lexus, NBT Brunei recently. At the unveiling ceremony held at the Empire hotel in Jerudong, we took the chance to experience for ourselves the level of driving control and stability of what these cars have to offer.

These two cars are physically similar, both boasting the luxurious physique typical in high end Lexus models. The interiors are equally impressive with their sporty seats and state of the art displays. A noticeable difference is perhaps the aluminium pedals in the RCF reflecting its powerful sporting ability.

Luxurious interior of the Lexus RCF

Lexus RC350
It's not until we experience driving both cars can we tell the major differences. We drove first within the hotel compound around a small roundabout to test their stability around a sharp bend then out on the highway for a more thrilling experience - driving at full throttle to test their acceleration ability.

Driving the RC 350 was very comfortable and going round the sharp bend at 30 km/h was a breeze. The RCF is also similarly easy to manoeuvre around the bend. This is due to their physical design which uses air flow control via its aerodynamics design features such as the flat underbody and aero-stabilising fins. The driving 'feel' however is quite noticeable whereby steering the RC 350 was very effortless. The RCF felt a bit stiffer but this is compensated with a more stable suspension for more control.

The 3.5 litre V6 Four Cam 24-valve engine on the RC 350 which delivers 314 hp/6400 rpm and 380 Nm/4800 rpm gave an impressive accelerating ability as we drive full throttle on the 'Sport mode' from below 30 km/h shooting up to 100 km/h in a matter of seconds. The engine is indeed designed to give power and a highly responsive acceleration. The 8-speed Sport Direct Shift Automatic Transmission served to maintain smooth acceleration and to pick up speed quickly.

The RC350 is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 Four Cam 24-valve (2GR-FSE, unleaded)
The RCF is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 Four Cam 32-valve (2UR-GSE, unleaded)
The RCF is even more impressive with its 470 hp/7100 rpm and 530 Nm/4800 rpm engine. At full throttle, it speeds up to 100 km/h almost immediately, taking me off guard momentarily. The bonus driving mode, which is the 'Sport S+ mode', is what sets the RCF above the RC 350.

Drivers can easily shift between the different driving modes via a dial located just in front of the arm rest. In the RC 350, you can opt for the Normal mode, Eco mode and the Sport mode while in the RCF you can also opt for the Sport S+ mode in addition to the three options. A remote touch interface to control multimedia functions displayed on a 7 inch EMV (Electro multi vision) display are also strategically placed near the arm rest for easy reach.

The RC350 is packed with safety features that gives its driver and passengers a sophisticated and passive safety measures that contribute to the peace-of-mind at the heart of coupe driving pleasure while the RCF is packed with a peace of mind of advanced active and passive safety measures that underpins "F" driving pleasures.

The dual exhaust pipe baffles feature a custom shape that contributes a sporty touch to the singular coupe styling.