A Sportive Drive with Volkswagen Vento 2015

Written by Hamidah Ismail, Mantuka.com
Photo by Fauzi, Mantuka.com
Bandar Seri Begawan

Thanks to the sole distributor of Volkswagen in Brunei, Maju Motors Sdn Bhd, everyone can now own a premium brand sports car! This might sound too good to be true but wait till you experience the newly upgraded Volkswagen Vento. At just a little over B$23,000, the Vento offers the best value for money and is the most affordable car at Volkswagen Brunei Darussalam right now.

To start off, the modest price includes pre-installed sporty body-kits and rims on the exterior as well as modern multimedia functionalities such as the USB interface, SD card slot, AUX-in support and 4 speakers in the interior.

To top that off is the sports car feeling that you get while driving the Vento. While we took it out for a test drive recently, we seize the opportunity to really evaluate it's 6-speed automatic Tiptronic gearbox. The Vento has two driving modes, the Normal Mode and the Sports Mode. After shifting the gear to Sports Mode, we floored the pedal all the way down, bringing the Vento from rest to 100 km/h in just a little over 10 seconds! The engine is pretty relaxed at 100 km/h, not as heavy as you would normally feel when driving a car that has little focus on aerodynamic design. 

The Vento is also good at absorbing bumps while on high speed, as reported by my colleague who was sitting comfortably at the rear seat as we drive through the bumpy road leading to the Agro Park. 

As we return back to Maju Motors Showroom in Telanai, we tested it's bending ability as we go around the roundabout in Kg Katok. There, you can feel the stiffened suspension, which makes it much easier to control at sharp bends.

All in all, the Volkswagen Vento does indeed offer amazing values for money. If you want to experience it for yourself, you can visit Volkswagen Brunei's Showroom at Maju Motors Sdn Bhd, No. 9, Simpang 16-8, Kg Beribi, Jalan Telanai or call them at 2655111 or visit their website at www.volkswagen.com.bn or follow their Instagram "Volkswagenbrunei".