BMW 218i Active Tourer Test Drive

BMW has recently introduced the latest model of BMW 2 Series called the BMW 218i Active Tourer distributed by QAF Auto Sdn Bhd Company.

BMW owners will surely be amazed by the beauty and elegance that is in front of them and will be more impressed with packages available to customers who buys the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer!


Everyone thought the car '218i Active Tourer' latest release made in Germany is not very efficient because the engine has a three cylinder power. To ensure that revenue is right or wrong, the author was given the opportunity to experience the performance of the car's first release using a Front Wheel Drive that was introduced to the world market.

Judging from the initial appearance of the BMW 218i Active Tourer, it looks pretty and active. When you see the car, the initial design appearance of the 218i Active Tourer still holds the BMW design with other BMW models like the front of the aerodynamic and sporty shape with the bright 'angel eye' LED which gives vision, especially at night. In addition, the shape of the car's front cover kidney-shaped chrome grille, chrome exhaust pipe, alloy wheels 16 inches and the 'Luxury Line' logo.

At first, the author like any other driver also assumed that the BMW 218i Active Tourer has a performance and power that is not satisfactory, but the assumption was wrong. It is equipped with a 3-cylinder 1.5 liter petrol engine with BMW Twin Power Turbo in combination with a 6-speed BMW Steptronic automatic transmission. This car is capable of making a smooth departure and capable of reaching 200 km per hour. The 218i Active Tourer has a very satisfactory performance in power measurement apparatus even cars.

When the author entered the car, the 2 Series car is surprisingly very spacious with an elegant space in the overall design of the fine wood and exclusive leather with contrasting stitching that accentuates the elegant lines. Head space also provides a five-inch area of ​​the car roof, the leg room give much space to move that gives the driver extremely comfortable during a day's drive. Tall drivers will not have a problem with the head and leg room.

According to the author, the 218i Active Tourer is one of the best car options to own, especially in terms of car fuel efficiency. You can simply change to the Eco Pro Mode via the Driving Experience Control in the centre console where the 218i Active Tourer uses low CO2 emissions and gives a good fuel economy without affecting the performance of the car even at low rpm levels.

The driver can also switch to Comfort Mode for comfort driving pleasure. With this mode, the driver will feel a smoother ride and still save fuel unlike Eco Pro Mode.

If the Comfort Mode's performance is still not satisfactory, the driver can switch to Sport Mode. With this mode, of course, the driver will feel that this car has a power that is more powerful and stable. In this mode, all configuration is transformed into a sports car including control of the car and also the activation of the steering system BMW xDrive, M Sport Suspension and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). The roar of the engine sound can be heard when you accelerate the car to its maximum level. Thanks to the DSC, even inexperienced motorists can enjoy very dynamic driving in the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, while still relying on the intervention of a control system. the Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) is a function of DSC that is specially optimised for front-wheel drive. In certain situations, it allows for a higher degree of slip on the driven wheels, which, for instance, increases traction on slippery road surfaces.

For everyday use, the author recommends that this is a suitable car for any family and active lifestyle individual, because when driving on an urban highway will have many stops and will consume fuel. BMW 218i Active Tourer has an 'Auto Start-Stop'
function which will turn the engine off during temporary stops. This function is especially beneficial when the driver stops at traffic lights or during a traffic jam. However, the 'Auto Start-Stop' function can be turned on or off according to the driver's preferability.

Usually when we talk about luxury cars, it has many functions that are confusing. However, BMW understands the role of a driver who wants to a user friendly, mobile, perfect and elegant car. What the author meant with a user-friendly function is referring to the 'i-Drive'
Touch Controller. The driver only needs to turn the console menu of the i-Drive Touch Controller and select the desired function using one hand only.

What can be found in the 218i Active Tourer 6.5-inch monitor with High Definition were the radio, telephone, configuration, Drive Assistant System, Navigation, Multimedia and Connected Drive that can provide comfort and the driver can focus on their driving. What is more important about the 'i-Drive' Touch Controller is that it is also able to provide information about the condition of the car for example the condition of the breaks, the engine, and many more.

Speaking about the generality of this car is not a problem, although the car looks small from the outside, it is a Multipurpose Vehicle (MPV) with luggage compartment space of 468 liters to 500 liters by folding the rear passengers seat that can be folded to almost flat.
The author used the car for grocery shopping, one of the BMW sales consultant once told the author that if your hands are full of things, you can automatically open and close the tailgate of the car by simply moving your foot beneath the centre of the rear apron of the 218i Active Tourer. Having tried it, the car's tailgate was wide open automatically to provide space to store many items small or large.

Regarding safety, BMW 218i Active Tourer comes with Lane Change Warning, automatic Handbrake Button, Warning Approach Control that could make sudden stops if enabled and Pedestrian Warning System with City Brake Activation. Not forgetting also the children's safety is very important too. The BMW 218i Active Tourer provides ISOFIX safety belt which is placed behind the passenger seat.

So, if you want to have a family car with an active lifestyle, the BMW 218i Active Tourer is one of the best choices for your own class. Visit QAF Auto Sdn Bhd Company to make your own test drive and experience the grandeur of this luxury car.