Experienced Mechanics gives Great Service for Tata and Geely Owners

Written by: Michelle Tan, Mantuka.com

Is it that time to service your car? Well if you own a Tata or Geely vehicle then the service centre which is located behind its showroom is more than ready to cater to your car’s needs and give it a boost!

Although the man-power is low with only three mechanics on hand, the Tata and Geely Service Centre will definitely ensure that any vehicle that comes in will be driven out in the best quality possible. All cars will go through a checklist of necessary check-ups to ensure that every inch of the car is inspected and every issue resolved. 

There are three service bays that cater to specific needs of the cars that come in, there is the General Service Bay where the main inspection and servicing takes place, then there is the Pre-Delivery Inspection Bay where the cars will be checked one last time before being picked up by customers and lastly there is the Body Repair Bay which caters to major damages to cars.

And with an average time of 30 to 45 minutes of servicing, customers can either leave their car in the capable hands of the experienced mechanics or lounge in the customer waiting area that is located strategically in front of the service centre so customers can keep an eye on their car and also enjoy some hot and warm beverages such as tea or coffee while watching their favourite TV show as there is Astro available as well.

Another great advantage that Tata and Geely customers have is that if they purchase any of these cars, they will be given a card that entitles their first 6 car services to be free of labour charges. Also, each car comes with either a 3 year warranty or for 100,000 km warranty.

And if customers are not satisfied with the service of their cars, they can call the call centre at 2428635 and leave a suggestion. So do not wait too long to see to the needs of your car and send it to the Tata and Geely Service Centre located in Beribi behind its showroom at Worldwide Motor Sdn Bhd!