German Ambassador to Brunei Visits Volkswagen brunei

Maju Motors Sdn Bhd, the sole dealership for Volkswagen vehicles in Brunei, was honoured with a visit from the German Ambassador to Brunei, Roland Grafe, yesterday.

The German Ambassador paid a courtesy visit to Volkswagen Brunei in order to meet with the new General Manager, Bernd Siffling, who is from Germany. Maju Motors Managing Director, Chan Key Hong, was also present to meet with the ambassador. After their acquaintance, the ambassador took some time to go for a short tour around the Maju Motors Volkswagen showroom where the Ambassador pointed out his appreciation for the technology and quality that went into Volkswagen as a vehicle and also as a company.

According to Mr. Grafe, he has followed with great attention the growth of Volkswagen in the Brunei market. He is very pleased with the good coverage of Volkswagen and Maju Motors, in newspapers and the internet.

Last year, Maju Motors achieved one of its biggest milestones which was to sell over 1,000 Volkswagen vehicles. This was achieved by realizing that the number of cars sold was quickly growing and to overcome this, Maju Motors went from a company with only 38 employees to a company that has 80 employees and 80 per cent are locals. Recently, Maju Motors celebrated the anniversary of the achievement.

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