Pamper Your Car at Kia Service Centre

Written by: Michelle Tan,

Attention all Kia car owners, why not treat your car to a pampering at the Kia Service Centre in Berakas and have a great experience of your own!

Customers can definitely expect the best quality of service from the centre as it is part of their policy to ensure that the customers are always happy. Also all cars that come through the service centre are in good hands as the company has an in-house trainer from Japan and each staff member is a certified technician with different ranks, either certified, expert or master. 

And sometimes with our busy schedules, we cannot spare being separated from our cars for too long but not too worry as the Kia parts department is always well stocked with substantial car parts with ‘100% stock rate maintenance parts’ as said by Peter Reyes, a member of staff from the Kia Service Centre. Each part is original and shipped from Korea and Japan.

But if customers really want a speedy job done, then there is a ‘Drop-Key Counter’ where customers can come and fill in a form indicating what needs to be done for their car, an estimated time of pick-up and drop their key at the counter and head off! Even then, a regular car servicing by the technicians at the centre takes only 30- 45 minutes and then its ready to go.

Ever wonder what happens when your car is serviced? Well down at the Kia Service Centre, the technicians will go through to checklist of what to look for in your car for a thorough and detailed servicing. In their top notch workshop, there is a mix of dependable hands-on skills by the technicians that is complimented by the machinery.

At the one-stop service centre, some of the high quality services are the GDS and the KDS that provides a complete diagnosis of the car and is both a computer systems and a wireless system used by the Kia technicians. Another impressive piece of machinery is the in-house alignment machine that pretty much does all the work in aligning your car.

And last but not least, there is the computerised break tester machine which is 99% accurate and will test both the suspension and breaks of a car on all four tires. At the end of the service, the computer will print out a diagnosis and will indicate where to service.

And at the end of the day, if customers are not satisfied with the quality of service on their car, they can speak to the Customer Relation Departments about their complaints or suggestions by calling 2392579 and the information shared will be passed on to the technicians to better improve the service. Furthermore, usually a few days after the customers takes their car back, the service centre will call to check on the progress of the car.

As for the warranty coverage provided for customers,  the warranty policy covers bumper to bumper, five years or 150 000 kilometres, whichever comes first. And there is no charge for labor maintenance up to 150 000 kilometres as well!

So don’t wait too long to send your car in for a good pampering session at the Kia Service Centre to experience better drives in your vehicle!