Kia Grand Carnival Test Drive Review

Written By: Hamidah Ismail,

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Bits by bits, the Kia Grand Carnival is shifting the public's perception the 'delivery van with passenger seats' by providing big families with a more meaningful mode of transportation.

If you have a huge family that requires ample space and facilities, there's nothing better than a van. The Grand Carnival offers a dynamic stability and control that no other similar vans can provide so you and family can drive through bumpy roads comfortably and with ease.

The Grand Carnival CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) is KIA's new model which offers a spacious eight-seater and impressive technology. Not only that, it also has a modern look to it complemented with a wide and comfortable interior for all passengers as well as a big multi-purpose bonnet.

The Grand Motors Sdn Bhd, as the sole distributor of this exclusive model has recently invited the writer of along with other members of the media to test the car on the road. What the writer found most impressive was the state of the art technologies incorporated in the car particularly the safety devices. The test-drive started from the Orchid Garden Hotel all the way to the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas.

Starting and switching off the engine was literally just a push of a button. The driver can also easily access the smart control electronics such as the audio tuning-wheel, hands free bluetooth, auto cruise control and many more.

The guidance technology in the Carnival, which is the 'Blind Spot Detection' system is a much needed tool, in the writer's opinion, especially for drivers who regularly change lanes or overtake other vehicles as it has the ability to alert the driver with a blinking signal when they're getting too close to the other vehicles.

Apart from that, the test-drive journey was smooth and comfortable thanks to the 6-speed automatic transmission system and the R2.2 Diesel engine. The Carnival is also incorporated with an Electronic Stabilisation Control (ESC) system, Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) system and the Antilock Brake System (ABS).

As a dedicated passenger vehicle, its design can no longer be associated with delivery vans. The Grand Carnival is higher than the conventional wagon. Although you can feel it when it goes over wavy roads, the bump insulation and the drive is of excellent quality compared to the conventional wagon particularly with its noise insulation system.

Overall, the Grand Carnival is worth considering with its excellent stabilising system and comfortable steering for all road conditions. From the writer's point of view, the Korean made Grand Carnival is built with permanent feel and feature.

What's for sure with this comfortable Carnival CUV is that long drives will go unnoticed and it is very suitable for big families.

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