TATA Aria Test Drive Review

By: Hamidah Ismail, Mantuka.com

Tata Aria, distributed by Worldwide Motors Sendirian Berhad has recently been released into the Brunei market and is a combination of a Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) with Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) making this Indian-made cars looking stylish. The car is designed to have a four-wheel drive physique with a sporty and bold look.

The front grille is decorated with the TATA brand logo, definitely as a way to tell the world that they are now raising their superiority to the maximum not only as a sedan model but also as MPV models.

Although TATA's inner space is wide and spacious, its dashboard is a bit plain and to the basic. But all these is because all major functions equipped in the car are displayed at the digital screen in the middle.

These include the controls for the air conditioning, Cruise Control, electronic mirrors, Music 2-DIN audio system with MP3 players and USB compatible with the iPod. These are just some of the functionalities provided with the Aria. In addition, the driver and passengers can also store their goods in compartments provided on the car wall.

The car is marketed only with the manual transmission type. This makes the car more suitable for families or businessmen who wants a car that is strong and resilient, especially that which comes with a 2.2 liter Common Rail Direct Injection (COR) diesel engine with a power of 110 kW and 320 Nm of torque.

Aria, created as a larger, simpler and more versatile car can be categorised with the latest technology system. Moreover, Aria has a large capacity and is able to fill seven passengers with various facilities for the comfort of passengers.

While conducting a test drive on this vehicle, the writer does not deny that this car is easy to manoeuvre even on sharp bends in Jalan Telanai and Babu Raja. One other advantages of the TATA Aria is its excellent release response. Transmission from the first gear to the next gear is also very smooth, while the combination of powerful engine and the transmission is cooperating quite perfectly. The excellent release response of this car also comes from the turbo system fitted in the Aria.

In addition, TATA also focuses on safety with an excellent control system for sudden braking, thanks to the Aria loaded with the Anti-lock Break System (ABS) and Electronic Break Force Distribution (EBD) that makes a driver feels at peace.

Seat belts are also installed on all 7 seats while the spacious cabin and body size can be adjusted according to the driver's and passengers' body size from row 1, 2 and 3. Just with a simple press, the access to row 3 becomes more practical and convenient without having to conventionally fold the seats, thus optimising the cabin space and passengers' comfort.

With a focus on safety, TATA Aria is also equipped with an air bag, children's' seat belt and car alarm system with remote control keys. So, if you are in search of a family car, TATA Aria is definitely something to consider no matter how near or far your drive will be.

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