Hyundai i40 Facelift Test Drive Review

Written By: A. Wafi Ismail,

Hyundai, a brand and a giant producer of cars well-known throughout the world, is becoming increasingly popular among Bruneians. This is because, from listening to requests and demands coming from the public, Hyundai is able to greatly improve their products in terms of design, functions, technology and safety.

This Korean-originated brand began its aggressive production four years ago by showcasing its latest models in monstorous amounts. Now, Setia Motor Sendirian Berhad, as a sole distributor of Hyundai-branded cars, introduces one more car model: the facelift version of ‘i40 Tourier’.

This new i40 model has a modern shape and also a design of its own. And in addition to that, some of the latest techs have been added to the i40. Its new dimensions are 4.775 metre (length) by 1.470 metre (height).

I, the author of this post, not only have seen the new Hyundai i40 model upfront; I have also had the opportunity in test-driving it. Among the first features of the i40 that caught my attention were its peaceful front, which in my opinion seems suitable for a sports car, its aerodynamic body, its chrome frontal-grill which symbolises elegance and Hyundai’s extravagance, and lastly, its LED-fitted headlights, which reminded me of Hyundai Veloster’s. Both are similar in many ways, although the i40 looks more stylish.

Upon entering its cockpit, my attention shifted to how comfortable I felt, sitting on the leather-clodded seat, before moving on to the cushion heater equipped to it, which has 3 modes. Cushion heaters I noticed were available for rear seats as well. As I further examined the cockpit, I noticed that the car's grey-coloured headboard had a unique design. On it there were some features that enables various functions of the i40 to be easily accessed. Interestingly, AUX and USB (These two are regulary used by those wishing to connect their own smartphone with their own car) are both included as well.

During my test-drive, which started from Setia Motor Sdn Bhd’s showroom in Beribi along the Tungku Link highway to Kampung Jerudong, I found my whole journey to be quite pleasant. The car was silent even as it moved. Even external noises including those from car engines were inaudible. Also adding to its comfort factor, was the smooth changing in gears, which comes as a result of its automatic transmission; so smooth that irregardless of speed, not a single jerk resulting from the gear change was produced. This, in my opinion, is crucial, being one of the principals of comfort in long-distance journeys in which changing gears is done repeatedly.

As I passed the Empire Hotel & Country Club, Jerudong, and entered a zone filled with curves, I observed as the i40 engine successfully overcame a handful of challenges, including the time it crossed a hilly area.

This 'perfect' ride was made possible by the assistance of the Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) system, which is an electronic logic package that covers various aspects of safety, all in one go.

According to Setia Motors Sendirian Berhad’s marketing sector, the i40's Nazim Muaazasbri engine, with its 2.0 liter capacity DOHC and a DCVVT Petrol MPi, has the capability to reach up to 152 horsepower in its output with the help of a 4,000 rpm torque. This mighty torque power, combined with the six-speed automatic gear box installed in the i40, makes i40's one secret to its smooth gear transitioning.

Among the functional techs accessible from inside the car are an LCD screen, Bluetooth, ‘start engine’ button, automatic panoramic roof, a pedal that enables changing of gear, and a button for electronic parking.

From the 5-star award this car earned in Euro ANCAP’s safety test, it is clearly proven that the i40 is of high grade. In addition, the installation of the ISOFIX safety tail pin guarantees safety for toddlers and infants.

If any reader finds my claims unconvincing, they may make a reservation for their own test-drive at the Setia Motor Sendirian Berhad showroom in Kampung Beribi, and experience themselves the greatness that comes with the Hyundai i40.