Mazda2 Test Drive Review in Japan

The ‘All New Mazda 2’ has recently been introduced in Negara Brunei Darussalam as a latest addition in the Mazda line-up under Grand Motors Sendirian Berhad.

Prior to its introduction last year, members of the local media were invited to test drive the brand new release together with international automotive journalists on the 19th of August 2014 at Tokachi International Racing Circuit located in Obihiro, Japan.

The latest production comes as an improvement from the previous model in terms of its physique, interior and performance. Mazda took this opportunity to give automobile journalist the experience to test the car's feature that are different from previous models. One of the main attraction to the latest release is the Skyactiv technology which had led to many amazing changes from the aspect of engine performance and complete transmission to the new Mazda line-up from Mazda Motor Corporation technology.

What are the benefits of Skyactiv technology? According to the briefing while in Japan, Skyactiv technology provides combustion channel for the engine at its maximum level by compression to obtain strong pressure from the Skyactiv technology engine that distributes to the engine, chassis and transmission and are able to produce excellent performance with efficient fuel consumption.

Furthermore, with the concept of ‘Jinba-Ittai’, meaning  'horse and rider' which also means 'when two becomes one' describes the moment when the driver takes the wheel, the car and the driver becomes one joined together by the joy of the road.

The opportunity to test drive the fairly exclusive fourth generation car across All New Mazda2 is yet to be launched worldwide. Mazda 2 was launched in Paris Motor Show in early October 2014 followed by European market. Mazda2 really is a reflection of Mazda CX5 or Mazda6. Where the design uses KODO Soul as its foundation. Also the machine technology that empowered with highly efficient Skyactiv technology.

The Skyactiv-G 1.5 engine with 6-speed transmission featured in this small-sized car is enough for the author to feel that the performance of the car will become a huge attraction.

When entering the cabin of the brand new Mazda2, the author immediately felt as though they are inside a sports car. Apart from that, the effect is due to the unique dashboard which is designed differently from other cars. The new Mazda2 dashboard is a combination of modernity and sportiness. One of the best feature is also the utilisation of leather that are placed among the chrome panels and carbon fibre accent.

The enjoyment when sitting inside the brand new Mazda2 is brought about by the excellent service provided by the multi-media system. A large monitor above the dashboard plays an important role in giving information. The monitor are controlled through a smart controller located at the centre near the front seat. The simple control and user friendly functions are similar as those provided in premium cars.

Before starting the test drive in Tokachi racing circuit, the organiser conducted safety briefings and also journey must be followed according to route given. Although the climate of that time was rainy, the authors unhesitatingly participated in the test drive to ensure the ability of the car.

The brand new Mazda2 with Skyactiv-G technology delivers their promise to respond to high speed technology, at the initial acceleration the car feels as if the Japanese made car are not left behind, the initial acceleration was quite smooth let alone when entering the 2nd and 4th gears, which feels even more orderly.

Making steady turns in the racing circuit during rainy day does not become a problem with the existence of the concept of ‘Jinba-Ittai’ that, if compared to other cars, the Mazda2, which is designed especially for the joy of driving without a doubt eliminates driving concern. This is because the car follows the will and the control of the driver which makes the drive more enjoyable regardless if it is a short or long journey.

Before testing the final acceleration, the author switched to Sports mode, one of the three transmissions mode, namely ‘Normal’ for usual drive, ‘Sport’ for a fully computerised control that lets you enjoy the driving moment, or ‘semi-manual’ where drivers can manually shift gears.

Entering a straight route at the Tokachi racing circuit, the author took the opportunity to accelerate to a maximum speed the Mazda2 will allow in combination with the 6-speed Skyactiv-Drive transmission. Not surprisingly, the author managed to achieve a speed of up to 155km/h. The maximum performance comes from the energy in every stages of revolution in the engine and technology under Skyactiv-G.

Owning the latest Mazda2 is a smart choice for a driver who enjoyed pleasure and comfort.