Volkswagen Test Drive Review: When Beauty Meets Beast

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Written by: Michelle Tan,
Translated by: Hazmie Zaini,

In this episode the author compared the two cars, Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Scirocco which is a common interest in Brunei Darussalam up to now. The author will review on some aspects of how the two cars are suited to own and beautiful design according to individual's style.

Speaking of its premium features, sporty, elegance, will certainly lead to a branded car, not to mention the beautiful interior design with the latest functionality available only on luxury cars which are costly.

This assumption is inaccurate, such as the Volkswagen, the car products such as the latest Scirocco release have attractive design in accordance with the latest trends. The beauty of this car is definitely appeared as a luxury and sporty car suitable to the Volkswagen brand slogan 'DAS Auto' which means people's car.

Scirocco is one of the most attractive sports cars in accordance with the price will definitely attract the publics attention while driving, especially the youth who wants a car that have classy and sporty, even with standard features of Scirocco putting the same level as coupe car type similar to an expensive car.

Looking at the initial appearance on this car, it has its own unique design different from the design of cars available at this time, the front shape of Scirocco enhanced from muscular bodies and not shift away from the previous Scirocco concept furthermore equipped with R-Line package Aerodynamic body kit.

Among those that matched with R-Line exterior package includes a modified bumper, enhanced side skirts and new grille. The package also features fog lights, rear spoiler and rear diffuser. Furthermore, new additions from the facet of the fog lights and DRL LED. These particular designs are brilliant to integrate as a car that becomes a stylish model suitable for owners among young people.

The author was given an opportunity to make a test drive of the latest Volkswagen Scirocco to make its own analysis of the overall test of the driver.

Initially starting the test drive, the author felt the car's suspension was quite stiff not to mention the Scirocco has a low body.

According to the Maju Motors Sdn Bhd Statistic Officer, Abdul Hafiz bin Haji Sulaiman, the hard suspension has advantages especially on long and fast journey to stabilize the car and give respond in controlling the car. Whichever ways within Kampong Jerudong through the Lebuh Raya Tunku Link in almost maximum speed is sufficient to implement the required power, the car proved to have stability without any shaking and responsive especially with the help of the Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP).

The author had tested the car as far as eight kilometers of smooth acceleration enjoyment and exhilarating driving, the car has a 7-speed transmission DSG dual-clutch which certainly deliver enjoyable sports driving, whether the driver drives in automatic or semi-automatic. Furthermore, using the Scirocco R-Line version become as a public attention, especially during a stop at a red light.

The release of this Volkswagen Scirocco R-Line, that portraits in a style of a race car, is a car that is powerful and we think that with high performance fuel consumption is greatly increased, a third-generation output model is also known as the Mark 3 is not the same as the previous model, it is deemed to provide savings in fuel consumption approximately 6 liters per 100 kilometers.

This model is paired with 18-inch 'Salvador' alloy wheels that leads to an ego of Scirocco owner, leather steering wheel, parking brake handle and shifting lever grip, sport bucket seats, and 'RCD510' audio systems with 8 speakers, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), six airbags and much more.

The Scirocco model offers driving enjoyment, attractive design, and high-end technologies such as 1.4 TSI engines with 7-speed transmission DSG dual-clutch. It is also equipped with a turbocharged with a power as high as 160 bhp.

Not only that, for the interior, it is also equipped with R-Line package include Alcantara fabric cushioning, leather-wrapped sport steering wheel and steel pedal. In addition, the neatness Black Lead Grey, Piano Black decoration, stripes in black and R-Line symbol plate.

For the author, the Volkswagen Scirocco is a car that illustrates greatness of a young individual who has a distinctive style that wants speed, sporty, luxurious, high-tech. All of this can be found in the Volkswagen Scirocco.

Now Lets focus on the New Beetle 1.4, to all ladies, make a statement on the road with the Beetle 1.4 which translates femininity into a gorgeous looking vehicle!

The new and improved Beetle is bound to turn heads as it breezes past cars on the highway with its 4-cylinder, inline petrol engine with 16 valves that will definitely get you to your next nail appointment in a jiffy! Not to mention the curves and rounded edges of its exterior that will draw out envy from onlookers. 

But its not just what’s on the outside that matters but the interior of the Beetle can definitely deliver as well! Sitting on leather upholstered seats and cruising with the sun roof pulled back to let the breeze comb through your hair is an experience like never before in the Beetle 1.4. Whether you’re road tripping with your friends or just taking a drive for yourself, the journey will definitely be an experience in the Beetle 1.4 like no other.

And forget rummaging through your purse for those car keys because there is a keyless access central lock system for ultimate security with less hassle. No more emptying your bag out to find a part of the keys, just sit back and relax and drive on with ease.

So if you are interested in a powerful, fuel efficient, stylish, quirky mode of movement to road trip with your girl friends in, then the Beetle 1.4 is the one for you! Visit the Maju Motors Volkswagen showroom at Jln Telanai to check it out and perhaps drive home in one as well.

As a young woman, I really do love the look of the Beetle 1.4. It's not only compact and versatile, but it has a feminine look to it which suits a certain personality. Moving on to the interior, the leather seats give a stylish look on the inside. With a touch-screen dashboard, one can drive and have navigate through traffic or music with ease! Which is crucial as I personally enjoy driving with music and its cool that I can play music from my ipod and iphone through the AUX-IN multimedia socket.

And if I am ever late to an appointment, I feel that the Beetle 1.4 can take me to where I would need to go in a minute! The engine is powerful as well as so smooth that even when I am putting the pedal to the medal, the car remains steady and sturdy as I jet through highways. The backseats don't have much leg room, however, which might cause a problem with carpooling. But the boot of the car can be expanded by putting up the backseats which creates more room to store things in the back.