The New Hyundai Tucson Diesel Turbo

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Written by: A Wafi Ismail,

Hyundai Motors has made a lot of changes to its current models compared to 10 years ago.

Consequently adding to their acheivements, Hyundai introduces another model, the 'Hyundai Tucson', which also includes a Diesel version. This model has become one of the most popular among Hyundai branded models. This medium-sized SUV model was introduced in Brunei Darussalam since 2012. Until now it is stated as being among the best in the segment.

The Hyundai Tucson has a grandiose exterior with a modern design, symbolizing elegance, toughness and athleticism.

This modern vehicle which has an enlarged interior is enhanced further with the latest, distinguished features. This improvised Tucson was designed in a Metropolitan style that transforms it into a car of style and premium quality.

Fitted with a 2.0L CRDi Diesel Turbo engine with a 6-speed transmission, this Tucson model has also installed onto it projection-type LED day lights and leather clodded seats in all of its variants. This model comes in either Manual transmission and Auto, which is a choice for the car owner, or any one interested in owning one, to make.

Comfort does not come solely from the car's performance, but also from the materials which its interior is made of, such as in the case of its leather clodded seats which has electronic controls that may prevent boredom especially in long journeys. As a car that is capable of reaching any place desired, the new Hyundai Tucson is completed with an Audio system, a control system accessible from afar, and a computerized travel system.

In terms of safety, the Tucson is prepped in providing quality protection especially in the case of an emergency with its various features including Down-Hill Brake (DBC), Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC), Electronic Stability Control (ESC). In addition, it has also six airbag systems in case of accidents, Auto-Cruise controls and Rear Parking Assist System (RPAS) for its high spec model.

To get to know more regarding the latest Hyundai Tucson 2.0L Diesel, during office hours, do visit the Setia Motors Sdn Bhd showroom which is located at Perindustrian Beribi.