Sufri bin Haji Ahmed Won the HYEB 2015 Tickets to London

Written by: Wanee Zahari,

Five lucky people were seen smiling as they came into Setia Motors Beribi Showroom for the Hyundai Year End Bonanza 2015 Grand Draw. 

The promotions that had been ongoing since 1st October 2015 came to an end on 31st December 2015 with the five names been raffled out two weeks ago.

Each lucky contestants were asked to choose a number and in the order of the number they’ve gotten, one by one they will then choose a folder which will state which prize they will get.

Luck came out to Sufri bin Haji Ahmed as he nabs the grand prize which was two person tickets to London. Nazri bin Jalani, who was represented by Sunyi bte Terumpak, will be delighted to hear that he won the 2nd prize, a two person tickets to Hong Kong. After opening his chosen folder, 3rd place Muhammad Nur Amin Asney bin Yahya will be flying off to Kuala Lumpur. 

The 4th place Nurhidayani binti Haji Gani found herself winning a new Samsung Galaxy J7 while Siti Rabiatul Adawiyah binti Abdullah Tangkai won an all new Samsung A3. 

Present to give out the Grand Draw prizes were the General Manager of Setia Motors, James Chin, the Commercial Manager of Setia Motors, Haji Abd Hamid bin Haji Yahya and Sales Manager of Setia Motors Fadhillah Sulaiman.