Hasnan Hj Salleh Wins Hyundai's Grand Prize!

It was an exciting morning at Hyundai Showroom as customers gathered to witness the grand draw for the Hyundai Accent Promotion! The promotion started just in May this year and ended in July. About 68 customers were entitled for the draw but only 8 finalists were shortlisted to stand a chance to win the grand prize of a brand new Hyundai Accent! 

Amongst the finalists, there were invited guests from BIBD At-Tawil, the Managing Director of BIBD At-Tamwil Berhad, Irwan bin Lamit, General Manager of Baiduri, Hj Haliluddin bin Dato Hj Talib, along with Sales Manager of Baiduri Finance Berhad, Hj Mohd Ali bin Hj Metussin, and last but not least guests from Insurans Islam Taib, Managing Director of Insurans Islam Taib, Hj Osman bin Jair, and Business Development and Marketing Division, And Maji Hidup. And of course, General Manager from Setia Motors, Mr James Chin was present as well along with Hyundai's Sales Manager, Fadhillah Sulaiman. 

Once the grand draw began, all the finalists were called up and each drew a key from a bowl with which they would try to start the Hyundai Accent with. Siti Wardah binti Hidup, Abd Musauwir Hj And Rahman, Hasnan Hj Salleh, Mohd bin Hj Terawih, Noridah binti Tujoh, Hjh Nadiah binti Hj Sulaiman, Hj Awang Juri bin Ibrahim and Amalina Matamit each put their key in the car and attempted to start it but somehow no one was able to start the car! What a twist to the change of events!

It was then that the emcee announced that it was all a test to ensure that the keys given were fake and so the actual key was placed into the bowl along with the other keys to be chosen again. 

In the end, Hasnan Hj Salleh won the grand prize! As the engine started and applause rang through the air, you could see the thankfulness and joy in his face. ‘I was so nervous’ said Hasnan. ‘This is the first and biggest prize I’ve ever won in my life!’ 

Now the rest of the finalists didn’t walk away empty handed, but there were other gadgets that were kindly sponsored. There were a Samsung Galaxy J5 that was sponsored by MBA, two Oppo Neo 9 which were sponsored by Insurance Islam Taib, two Samsung Galaxy A3 that were sponsored by Baiduri Finance Berhad and last but not least two brand new Samsun Galaxy J1 by BIBD At-Tamwil. 

At the end of the day, all finalists went home with a prize but Hasnan got to drive his! If this fabulous promotion has peaked your interest, there is a current promotion that will be ongoing until the end of September. That is, by purchasing a Hyundai Electra, that will entitle you to a free bodykit upgrade!

For more information, please visit the Hyundai Showroom in Beribi. Congratulations to all the finalists of the grand draw!