Launching of DS Automobiles

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Written by: Michelle Tan,

Luxury has made its way into The Mall in Gadong as the DS Automobiles are on display on the ground floor! On the 7th of December, the brand revealed its new logo, which comprises of the DS monogram sitting above the name ‘DS Automobiles’. Ever wondered what DS stands for? Well it is an acronym for ‘different series or different spirit’ and when you drive one of these luxury vehicles, you can definitely feel the better difference! 

So DS Automobiles introduced two new models which were the new DS 5 and DS 4 Crossback to the Bruneian market through its exclusive distributor, Grand Motors Sdn Bhd and its dealer, Auto Makmur Sdn Bhd.

Now if you’re in the market to buy a new car, let us give you a more detailed introduction to the two new models! Firstly, the brand new DS 5 is the embodiment of avant-grande styling, a blend of art and refinement to the details of the car. With its spacious interior, its a great car to have a relaxed but dynamic drive in. 

Along with its nicely sculpted look, the new DS 5 also has the Xenon Full LED headlamps for driving in gloomy or rainy weather, touch drive interface for user friendly navigating, and a high-performance engine, so if you want to make a trip down to Seria, KB or even Miri, you can drive in luxury!

And don’t worry about those pesky road bumps and dips, because the new DS 5 will soak it up, along with vibration comfort.

Secondly, we have the DS 4 Crossback, which is versatile, expressive and adventurous by nature. This car is aimed for customer looking for ‘urban and extra-urban adventure’. Mated to the new 6-speed automatic gearbox, it features faster gear changing, greater drivability and reduced internal friction. 

If you do decide to go on an extra-urban adventure with changing ride heights, specific adjustments of the powertrain and steering were made in order to strengthen the driving characteristics in terms of comfort and handling, for an easier drive.   

So if you’re interested in checking out these brand new DS car models, then head to The Mall, Ground Floor to get a first hand look at them. The roadshow will be held until the 11th of December. And if you would like to book a test drive, call 2613888 Ext 248 to book today!