The All-New Suzuki Swift 1.2L

Boustead Sdn Bhd the sole dritributor of Suzuki cars in Brunei Darussalam today has revealed the all-new Swift for the Brunei market that was held at the Suzuki Showroom located in Beribi.

The all-new Suzuki Swift comes in 2 variant: GL with manual (MT) and auto transmission (AT) or a GLX with a continuous variable transmission (CVT). It also comes in two new colours which are the Burning Red Pearl Metallic and Speedy Blue Metallic.

The exterior of the all-new Swift has a style that creates a sensation of movement, even at rest, accelerates the driver's emotions.The muscular shoulder lines emphasize the strong solidity and highlight the emotional impact. It's dynamic side-window treatment with pillar-mounted rear door handles adds both style and sporty flair. It comes with LED signature illumination of the distinctive vertically arranged headlamps and of rear combination lamps gives a high-tech impression. It also comes with an aggressive front grille with a wide opening and the bumper grille below express strength.

When you enter the all-new Swift, the racecar-like, D-shaped steering wheel, has front seats that firmly holds the body, and a centre console that is angled toward the driver which helps to form a more sporty, higher-quality environment that unifies the car and the driver. You will immediately have the urge of wanting to take off for a drive in the new Swift.

The GLX comes with an easy-to-see and stylish meter cluster. The satin chrome adorns the two main, minutely scaled gauges, featuring red and white highlights and a sporty design. The overall design is similar to that of a chronograph watch.

It also comes with a 4.2-inch colour TFT LCD that occupies the centre of the meter cluster to inform the driver with accurate and intuitively understandable such data on vehicle behaviour and operation for example the engine output and torque, acceleration and break use.

Every driver would have a genuine peace of mind which is essential for an enjoyable drive. The Swift has been built with advanced safety technologies designed to help protect vehicle occupants in the case of a collision, enhance preventive safety aims to keep traffic hazards at bay.

If there is a high risk of collision with a forward obstacle and the driver panic-brakes, the system deploys brake assist, increasing braking force. In addition, during long distance driving, drivers will enjoy a relaxed driving experience with the help of the cruise control. What the cruise control system does is it controls the speed of your car the same way you do - by adjusting the throttle (accelerator) position. The driver can set the cruise control with the cruise switches located on the steering wheel and as a safety feature, the cruise control system will disengage as soon as you hit the brake pedal.

The Swift is a compact car that features distinctive and sporty style, excellent handling and superb driving performance, maneuverable compact size, and is very user friendly. The car is built to be an entity that stirs the emotions. Its standout character is articulated through styling and colour.

So why wait?! Drop by the showroom, get behind the wheel and book a test drive to an exciting car experience that knows no end.

For more information, Suzuki Brunei can be contacted at these hotline numbers, 2453162 or 2453163 (BSB) and 3334284 (KB) or follow their Facebook Fanpage at Suzuki Brunei or Instagram at @Suzuki_Brunei.