All New Mazda CX-9: Where Luxury and Practicality Come Together

When the Mazda CX-9 made its world debut back in 2006, it was an epiphany: A midsize three-row crossover SUB that defied the conventional design cues and cumbersome driving experience expected of vehicles in its class. Despite being a large vehicle, CX-9 is, after all, still a Mazda, CX-9 quickly captivated the automotive industry, winning numerous accolades.

The All-New Mazda CX-9 is the ultimate blend of stunning sophistication and family SUV. Reimagined from the ground up, it's the very first Mazda to feature the breakthrough SKYACTIVE-G 2.5T petrol engine. Delivering class-;eading performance with real-world efficiency, the 2.5-litre direct injection turbocharged engine offers driving excitement never before felt in a family SUV.The All-New Mazda CX-9 cuts an elegant figure on the road thanks to the superb styling of 'KODO - Soul of Motion' design. The spacious interior is finished with quality craftsmanship that is evident in every detail. Add to that the latest in connectivity, passenger comforts and advanced i-ACTIVSENSE safety technology and you've got an SUV that brings together luxury and practicality in a package that your family will love, but you'll love even more.

Exterior wide, the all-new CX-9 showcases a highly refined expression of Mazda's Kodo - Soul of Motion design language. The strength of Kodo lies in proportion: long hood, swept greenhouse, large wheels, and short overhangs, all of which convey stability and a contained sense of energy ready to be unleashed.

The second generation CX-9 is 5,075mm long which is 30mm shorter than the previous model, but its wheelbase has been stretched by 55mm to improve rear legroom as well as entry to and exit from the second and third rows. The vehicle carries shorter overhangs on both ends, while its A-pillars are positioned 100mm father back to lengthen the hood and add a sense of strength through proportions. Housing large 20-inch wheels, the tapered fenders are pushed to the edges of the body, leading to a wide, trapezoidal stance.

Smooth lines start up front with a bold, five-point grille featuring double bars and flanked by LED headlights. Moving on to the side panels, the combination of a strong lower body and a sleek upper body elevates the Kodo expression, introducing graceful curves that provide a premium appeal in a segment awash with convention. The overall effect is one of purity, simplicity, and Japanese beauty. The signature Machine Gray colour, which has a depth and luster usually reserved for concept vehicles, was designed to make the CX-9 look as though it were carved from a single ingot of steel. To achieve this look, it is important to have perfect, blemish-free panels, which come as a result of the ultra-precise stamping and assembly for which Mazda is renowned.

The interior of the cabin is an atmosphere of beauty and detail. Even the doorjambs are finished with a level of precision that lends an air of sophistication. A vertically stacked center console bears details that wrap around from the dashboard to the rear seats, designed to envelop occupants in comfort and serenity. Adorning the forward-angled dashboard is a sweeping single piece of aluminum to emphasize width. Satin and polished finishes on the aluminum plinth evoke Japanese craftsmanship and are inspired by Japan's famous hand-made knives. Soft-touch surfaces adorn every point of contact with both driver and passenger further enhancing the level of comfort and luxury in this seven-seat premium crossover.

The turbocharged SKYACTIV-G 2.5T engine has absolute control. This is a hallmark of Jinba Ittai. When a driver puts his or her foot down on the accelerator, a vehicle should do what the driver expects, harmoniously working to find the right gear at the right engine rpm to deliver the performance called upon for a given situation.

Throughout the SKYACTIV engine series, Mazda has never focused on the numbers that appear in the catalog. Rather, Mazda aims to offer customers a combination of great performance in everyday driving situations and excellent fuel economy. And Mazda's engine development philosophy is to offer these two factors by combining the right displacement with the simplest configuration of technologies, as best suits each class of vehicle.

When Mazda's engineers set out to design a new engine specifically for CX-9, they looked at how drivers used their vehicles. Customers want effortless acceleration through bountiful torque delivery, so engineers developed the SKYACTIV-G 2.5T with enough power and torque to provide ample acceleration without having to hunt through the gears.

Customers also expect top-notch duel economy - not just an on catalog label, but in the real world, too. Mazda had a clean sheet from which to design a new powerplant. A large-displacement, naturally aspirated engine could deliver instant performance, but it would lack fuel-efficiency. A small-displacement, naturally aspirated engine could deliver fuel-efficiency, but it would sacrifice a premium performance feel. Finally, turbocharged engines often promise both effortless acceleration and high fuel-efficiency, but oftentimes, in the real world, their efficiency is not much better than a larger-displacement engine. Turbocharged engines can also "lag" before their turbocharger spools up, creating a sluggish, disappointing driving sensation when power is called upon.

Mazda's latest engine, the SKYACTIV-G 2.5T, is a realization of excellent real-world and catalog fuel-economy as well as spry acceleration, featuring a host of technological advancements to achieve this goal.

The most important in owning a new car is to know its safety features. It comes with both active safety features and passive safety features. The active safety, rather than keeping the CX-9 centered in a lane between two lines - which can cause an unnatural-feeling tug on the steering wheel - Mazda's Land Keep Assist ease the vehicle into turns. Meanwhile, Lane Departure Warning vibrates the steering wheel to warn drivers if they begin to stray from the lane. Lane Keep Assist will employ a progressive approach to assisting the driver to stay within lanes, but it will deactivate after warning the driver if it senses that his hands have been taken off the wheel.

The 12.2-inch ventilated front disc brakes and the 12.8-inch solid rear disc brakes are unchanged in size from the previous model, but they now have a much lighter load to halt, They feature an Anti-Lock Braking System with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution and Brake Assist, as well as Dynamic Stability Control. Supplementing the rear-view parking camera are proximity sensors on the front and rear bumpers. Finally, Adaptive LED Headlamps ensure automic adjustment of headlights as dictated by driving conditions for optimum visibility.

The passive safety side of the CX-9 is that it has a class-leading SKYACTIV-CHASSIS  dynamics adhere to jinba-ittai, advancing the notion of purposeful technology that improves the driving experience. A lighter yet more rigid chassis, and straight load-path frame rails integrated into the unibody, secure crash protection in the event of a collision. The lighter weight of the all-new CX-9's SKYACTIV-BODY also improves braking performance. Front occupants each get frontal and side airbags while a pair of curtain airbags span the length of the second and third rows to protect rear occupants in the event of a collision.