BMW and Mini Driving Experience

Written by:
Hamidah Ismail,

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QAF Auto recently held a three-day “BMW and MINI Driving Experience” from August 10th to 12th where existing and potential customers were given the chance to drive 10 selected BMW and MINI models in a “defensive driving” style. Among the models showcased were the BMW 3 Series and 5 Series, a variety of BMW X models including the BMW X1 and BMW X3 as well as MINI Countryman, MINI Cooper S Station Wagon and MINI Cooper S Paceman.

The event started off at QAF Showroom where invited drivers were briefed by Mr. Wong Kah Keen – a Certified Advance, Intensive and Mottorad Instructor by the BMW Driving Experience and International Instructors Academy on the safety procedures and taught on the correct ways of holding the steering wheel, steering method and seating adjustment to ensure a safe and comfortable driving.

After a light refreshment, drivers got on their selected BMW and Mini cars and drove off to Jerudong Park for the “defensive driving” lessons and demonstration. The session started off with a demonstration by the BMW certified instructors to show the drivers two sets of courses. One course will test the drivers “emergency braking and avoidance” reaction as well as the cars’ capability to respond to the drivers’ action. The second course was the slalom competition and hot laps where the drivers will test the cars’ steering power, agility and speed as well as to compare their driving speed and skill with other drivers. drivers had the chance to test the BMW X1 for the “emergency braking and avoidance” exercise and the BMW 318i for the slalom and hot laps competition. On the BMW X1, drivers experienced first hand the X1’s superior emergency braking system. A quick slam on the brake after a full on acceleration brings the BMW X1 to an immediate stop while using the proper steering technique as taught earlier, (i.e., hands on 3 and 9 o’clock), we get to test the quick “avoidance” reaction as the car turns away from the obstacle right before the immediate stop. 

Meanwhile, in the second course, we tested the 318i’s power steering capabilities by zig zagging at full speed through the barricades which ended with a very sharp turn. This course were added with a bit of fun by a hot laps competition where drivers compete against each others’ speed as they drive through the circuit.

After the afternoon of excitement, the drivers drove the BMW and MINI cars back to QAF Showroom in Beribi. The first ever official training courses took place in Manching, Germany in 1977 with 15 participants.

These training courses were not only a great success, but were also among the first driver training courses ever to be given in the automobile industry. The goal then was the same as today, to combine perfect automobiles with equally good driving skills.

Mantuka Team highly recommends the public to join these defensive driving events again in the near future as these techniques reduce the likelihood of a collision or incident and can even save costs related to vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption, by driving smoothly and steadily.