Lexus ES 4th Generation is Launched

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With the All-New 2019 Lexus ES, Lexus aims to propose a new kind of midsize luxury sedan that exceeds the customer expectations. It is a coupe-like silhouette sedan with sharpened performance, class-leading safety technology and a level of craftsmanship rarely found in this segment. 

Inside and out, the Lexus ES is an elegant sedan, with provocative design elements that will challenge the expectations of its buyers.

It has a more dynamic exterior design with a bold coupĂ©-like silhouette. It is also more spacious by +45mm wider and lower by -5 mm than previous models. It comes with ten colours including two new shades to complete the ES’s bold, new look which are the Ice Ecru and Sunlight Green that gives the car a different appearance depending on lighting conditions and time of day. The new ES has a sleek roofline that emphasizes the lower stance and slippery aerodynamics.

Interior wise, it is more spacious with a disruptive new sound system. The Lexus Future Interior concept blends a driver-centric cockpit with a spacious and comfortable area for the front passenger. A Pioneer 10-speaker system is available which faithfully reproduces the original sound while retaining the whole live ambience of the music and delivering immersive listening enjoyment.

The Lexus ES is a remarkable work of true artistry. Every detail reflects the character of the accomplished individual who will leave a lasting impression. The interior features intriguing details that capture the essence of Takumi craftsmanship, such as the embedded depth and pitch of the stitches.

The All-New 2019 Lexus ES is built to deliver a higher level of driving dynamics than any of its predecessors. The elegant and smooth drive combined with the excellent responsiveness expresses a distinctive Lexus driving performance.

The 4th gen Lexus hybrid drive, a Lexus first with a 2.5L inline-4 new engine, delivers outstanding fuel efficiency, and exhilarating driving feel that will enhance the driving pleasure, without compromising on performance. It comes with a trunk spoiler that reduces air turbulence that brings added stability and controllability.  The new hybrid battery is now placed below the rear seats to offer a much larger trunk capacity than the previous generation ES Hybrid.

Safety comes first with the Lexus ES, which incorporates advanced safety technologies such as Active Cornering Assist (ACA), a Lexus first, works in tandem with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), to provide a safe and comfortable drive on everyday corners. The all new Global Architecture (GA-K) platform improves the strength of the cabin to help reduce deformation in the event of a crash.  High tensile strength materials have been added to the front header, inner rails, and cross reinforcement to increase roof strength in the event of a roof crash. A Pop-Up Hood System has the advantage in the event of a pedestrian interaction, the front hood will pop-up to reduce the impact of the pedestrians’ head to the hood. A Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) is also built into the new Lexus during lane changes, the BSM uses quasi-millimetre wave radar to detect vehicles present in the adjacent lane blind spots. The system alerts the driver using an indicator in the optical outer mirror. The All-New Lexus ES comes with a 10 SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) Airbags, while protecting passengers from impacts in a collision the all new ES has Driver and Passenger front dual stage airbags and knee airbags. Also included are front and rear side airbags that cover all four seating positions in the vehicle.  And to top it off, there are side curtain airbags that cover the front and rear seats on both sides of the vehicle.