NBT (B) Sdn Bhd Launches All-New UX Compact Luxury SUV

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Lexus, an innovator in luxury utility vehicles, introduces its newest addition to the lineup, the 2019 UX which is now available in Brunei Darussalam market launched by NBT (B) Sdn Bhd last night at the Lexus Showroom, Gadong.

The new model offers the brand’s luxury appeal and safety in a package that combines bold new design elements and efficient new powertrains. Making its Brunei debut on 12th January 2019, the UX is crafted expressively for the modern urban explorer who seeks a fresh, contemporar and dynamic take on a luxury lifestyle.

The UX name is derived from the design team’s guiding concept and describes the vehicle’s mission: Urban + X-over (crossover) = UX.

The event was crowded by Lexus fans where they witnessed two models i.e. the Lexus UX200 and Lexus F-Sport that was launched by the Director of NBT (Brunei) Sdn Bhd, Haji Ahmad Omar bin Pehin Dato Haji Husen, General Manager of Baiduri Finance Berhad, Haji Haliluddin bin Dato Paduka Haji Talib and Acting Director of Takaful Brunei Am, Haji Shahrilidin bin Pehin Orang Kaya Lela Utama Dato Haji Jaya.

The Lexus UX brings to the table the widest field of vision and best turning radius of any luxury compact SUV. Inspired by the traditional Japanese concept of Engawa, that blurs the boundary between a home’s exterior and interior, designers created a feeling of seamless continuity inside the UX. For example, the upper section of the instrument panel extends out beyond the windshield and gives the driver a 360° birds-eye view of the car and its surroundings.

A 2640 mm wheelbase also contributes to a smooth, stable ride and ample passenger space, while the compact 4495 mm overall length and best-in-class 5.2 m turning radius makes the Lexus UX easy to manoeuvre and convenient to park.

The unique design of the Lexus UX is inspired by the Cross-Create approach, which combines various elements to create new values.

The exterior design incorporates the distinctive features of an armoured vehicle with robust body, and a race car with agile performance. By combining the distinctive features of each —such as rear combination lamps with a shape that is inspired by the shape of a racing car, and a body cross-section and wheel arch mouldings similar to an armoured vehicle—, this surprisingly unconventional crosscreation has resulted in an original and imaginative exterior design befitting this new-genre vehicle.

Challenging all forms of unconventionality, the boundary between the exterior and interior has been eliminated and instead connected with seamless continuity, following the traditional Japanese concept of Engawa. This concept is most evident from the driver’s seat. The exterior is designed with the hood looking as if it passes through the windshield and connects to the upper section of the instrument panel, while the interior’s upper section of the instrument panel appears to extend beyond the windshield to the exterior. This enables the driver to get a sense of the UX’s body for an effortless drive.

Three new unique exterior colours, BLAZING CARNELIAN, TERRANE KHAKI and CELESTIAL BLUE are available on the UX. These three colours express duality, while combining the toughness of a crossover with Lexus’ luxurious style. These tones were created to embody a robust image, while expressing a mature and understated image under normal lighting conditions, as well as flont a beautiful shine under the daytime sun.

The design of the UX expresses the sense of security that is expected of a luxury crossover, but equally communicates agility and a fun-to-drive quality thanks to its sleek and condensed lines. The unique design of the Lexus UX is inspired by the Cross-Create approach, which combines various elements to create new values.

The luxurious interior finishes available in the UX are fine examples of Lexus’ Takumi craftsmanship — the superior quality and attention to detail that produces radically unique touches in all Lexus vehicles.

The smooth leather upholstery available for the UX is inspired by sashiko, a traditional Japanese quilting technique that is also used in the making of judo and kendo martial arts uniforms. The quilted leather is decorated with new perforation patterns that form mathematical curves and gradations in perfect alignment, enhancing the appearance of the seats.

The UX is also the first Lexus model to offer a new trim grain finish that is inspired by the grain of Japanese paper, known as washi, familiar in traditional Japanese homes. Created using slush-moulding and a carefully chosen surface finish, it exudes a calm and warm feeling.

The Lexus UX further marks a series of technical innovations, including the first use of the new Global Architecture Compact (GA-C), which delivers fundamental high structural rigidity and a low centre of gravity, thus securing excellent ride quality and stability. New powertrains are also deployed for the first time: a new 2.0-litre petrol engine that reaps the performance and fuel economy benefits of high thermal efficiency.

Lexus took a new approach to achieve the best possible aerodynamic performance from the UX’s rear combination lamps, wheel arch mouldings and in a World First concept —aerodynamic wheels. The Aero Stabilizing Blade Lights in the rear incorporate fins with a distinctive design that helps prevent airflow from wrapping around the rear of the vehicle. They keep the rear of the car stable when turning and driving in crosswinds.

The wheel arch mouldings have flat sides and a stepped top section, which generates an airflow that helps reduce roll and keeps the vehicle stable when the car is cornering, changing lanes or being driven in a straight line. Millimetre-precise adjustment of this step feature kept an optimal balance between the stabilising effect and design considerations.

The UX's aluminium wheels have a World First aerodynamic design that helps keep the brakes cool and reduce wind resistance.

These features are engineered to deliver an elegant performance, while offering drivers a peace of mind.

There’s no better way to take the city streets by storm than in the All-New Lexus UX luxury crossover.

To get a closer look, drop by the Lexus Showroom at Gadong and be sure to follow Lexus Brunei on Instagram and Facebook. The first 15 bookings on any of these two models will get a One month membership with unlimited classes at Shine Cycle. Wxperience the all new Lexus UX at their showroom today.

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