Comprehensive Motor Packages with 20% Discount Through TBA Call Centre

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Your Motor Takaful quotation, renewal  and payment can all be done through the TBA Call Centre at 224 4000. TBA is currently offering a 20% discount on their comprehensive coverage packages, the Classic Package, Executive Package and Prestige Package through their Call Centre. Your Takaful Certificate can also be sent directly to your home or office upon request for free of charge.

How are the Executive & Prestige Comprehensive Packages beneficial to TBA’s customers?
The Comprehensive packages provide convenience in coverage selection, from which the packages are designed at better rates. This means customers are able to have more coverage at better prices than compared to traditionally taking them on a stand-alone additional coverage basis. The packages come in fixed rates. Motor vehicles with an existing motor Takaful certificate can also be upgraded to these packages without waiting for a renewal period.

TBA Comprehensive Motor Takaful Coverage
The Executive and Prestige comprehensive packages have coverages bundled to up to 10 additional coverages as follows: 
  • Excess Buy Back
  • Flood and Special Perils
  • Windscreen
  • Key System Replacement
  • Breakage of Glass
  • Personal Accident for Passengers
  • Legal Liability of Passengers for Acts of Negligence
  • Legal Liability to Passengers
  • Accessories Coverage
  • Strike, Riot, and Civil Commotion

What are the operating hours of the TBA Call Centre during Ramadhan?
During this Ramadhan, the TBA Call Centre operates from Monday to Thursday from 8.15am to 3pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 8.15am to 11.30am. The TBA Call Centre is closed on Sundays and public holidays.