Save 20% Through TBA Call Centre

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Takaful Brunei Am Sdn Bhd (TBA) has become one of the Brunei's leading insurers through years of hard work and listening to their customers. Providing quality Takaful Protection at reasonable cost. TBA’s call centres are serviced by professional staff who practice great customer care, whatever your query may be. If you think you could save money with TBA on your Motor Takaful, get a quote today and enjoy 20% when you purchase via their call centre at 2244000.

You can save more when you participate through TBA’s Call Centre and choose their comprehensive packages which includes a selection of Additional Coverages for your TBA Motor Takaful.

As an initiative to provide value added packages to improve the coverages available for customers to mitigate varied risks faced by road and vehicle users today, the packages developed provide convenience of choice and value for coverage, where the coverage scheme provides three packages that vary depending on the customer’s needs.

These packages are the Classic Comprehensive, Executive Comprehensive and Prestige Comprehensive that cover between three to 10 total additional coverages at better rates.

The additional coverages which include Windscreen, Key System Replacement, Personal Accident for Passengers, Accessories Coverage and more, are available as an add-on to any customer with an existing TBA Motor Takaful or can also be added during their Takaful renewals.