Nissan Sungkai Drive

Picture Courtesy: Boustead Sdn Bhd

Boustead Sdn Bhd., the sole distributor of Nissan vehicles in Brunei Darussalam hosted an exclusive Sungkai gathering for their GT-R customers and Z Club members yesterday.

The event, held at Berkshire Hall, Tarindak D‘Polo, was attended by the customers along with Nissan staffs and the management including the Executive Manager of Boustead Sdn Bhd, Mr. Lim Jin Lee.

The main aim of this event was to appreciate the customers for always being loyal and supportive towards Nissan brand all these years which have helped them to grow into a huge success in addition to socializing and creating stronger relationships not only between the GT-R and Z Club members but also between them and the Nissan staffs.

Also held during the event was the recital of Doa Tahlil to commemorate one of Nissan customers as well as a Z Club member, late Captain Aiman Yusti Bin Hj Asli. He was also a Z enthusiast as he owned a Z car and has always been supporting Nissan.

After the break of the day’s fasting, while all attendees enjoyed a nice sungkai, Mr. Lim Jin Lee delivered a speech where he expressed his gratitude for all attendees who joined the event and their continuous support and loyalty towards Nissan.

The event was then followed with a presentation from the Automagination on what is products and services are offered in order to enhance any GT-R or Z Cars.

Prior to the event was the convoy drive from the Nissan showroom in Beribi to Serasa Beach for the customers who drive GT-R and Z cars. A photoshoot was held with all the customers, the members and their cars to reminisce the remarkable moments. The place also holds a very special meaning to all the Z Club members as it was where the late Captain Aiman Yusri first met with them.

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